Product Update - January 2019

Happy 2019! We have some new decision making capabilities for you to start off the new year:

Decision Approvals

Do you need to get some of your decisions approved? You can now request and record decision approvals in Cloverpop. After recording a decision, just click the “Request Approval” button next to the final decision.


The approver will receive a notification of your request with a link to the decision. The approval will be displayed on the decision summary with any comments from the approver.


Framing decisions without Weighing In

Want to frame up a decision and invite others to weigh in before you do? Now you can. After entering the choices, simply click the “Go To Decision Summary” button instead of “Weigh in.”


You’ll be able to start your weigh in from the decision summary page at any time.


Creating Polls with no choices

Polls are a good way to generate ideas from your team. You can now invite participants to generate ideas of choices for a decision and select them without your having to define any choices first. Simply click “Go to decision summary” after entering the question and any context. Then invite your participants.


Transferring Decision Ownership

When you frame up a decision for your manager or someone else, you can transfer that decision to them by clicking the edit button next to the Owner, on the sidebar (upper right of the screen).


Once transferred, you will become a participant so you can still see the decision and add or edit your weigh in.




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