Intro to the Decision Summary Page

The decision summary page is your view into the detailed information about any decision. It has several sections including:

  1. The Decision Question
  2. The Sidebar
  3. The Action Area
  4. The Choices
  5. Open Questions
  6. Goals

This article will explain the different sections and what you can find where. The numbered sections below correspond to the numbers on the screenshot above. 

1. The Decision Question

This is the question you are facing or decision you need to make. It should start with "How should we..." or "What should we do about..." to keep a wide view.


2. The Sidebar

The sidebar includes several sub-sections:

  • Sharing
  • Decision Owner
  • Tags
  • Context and Information
  • Participants
  • Tasks
  • Discussion
  • More Actions


On mobile devices or when your window is small, you will need to click the "hamburger" menu to open the sidebar.


Click the edit link by the "Share With" field to enable individuals of groups to view a decision. Learn more about sharing.

Decision Owner

This is the decider or the person who owns the decision. Click here to change the decider.


You can use tags to organize and find decisions. Click here to add or change tags. Learn more about tags.

Context and Information

This tab displays the decision context and important information - key information that you may need in making your decision.You can add additional important information for participants to consider using this tab.


This tab displays the list of decision participants.


You can use this tab to assign tasks related to either making or executing the decision. Everyone with access to the decision will be able to view these tasks here and the assignee will also see their task on their To do list. Learn more about tasks.


Participants can ask questions or discuss the decision here and those comments and any information shared will be recorded as part of the decision record. 

More Actions

This sections enables you to perform additional actions related to the decision including:

  • Downloading a PDF
  • Viewing the decision history
  • Initiating a related decision
  • Deleting the decision


3. The Action Area

This is the area just below the decision question. Here you will find key information about the current status of the decision and likely next actions you may want to take.

This is where you can invite participants to your decision and when you are ready, record the final decision.

If you are not sure what to do next, click "Improve this decision" and the AI decision coach will suggests specific actions to improve your decision with the least effort.


4. Choices and Weigh Ins

This section will display all the choices being considered for the decision as well as all participant weigh ins. Advanced choice algorithms will help you identify the best choices based on team ranking, goals, and fit with choices. You can re-rank or change your weigh in here.

5. Open Questions

This section will display any missing information or open questions identified by participants.

6. Goals

This section displays the top goals impacted by the decision. Click here to re-rank or add goals. Learn more about goals.




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