Product Update - November 2018


Flexibility and User Experience

We have 5 product updates to announce this month. They are all focused on increasing flexibility and making information easier to find in Cloverpop. Updates include:

  • Expanded ToDos
  • Decision Summary Sidebar
  • Preview Decisions Before Weighing In
  • Add Guests to Groups


Expanded ToDos

Your To Do page will also look a little different. That’s because we’re added some new flexibility for your ToDos, including the ability to dismiss them.


Each To Do now has a menu on the right that provides multiple relevant actions you can take.

Learn more about To Dos.


Decision Summary Sidebar

We’ve redesigned the Decision Summary page so you’ll now find the following sections on the right side of the screen:

  • Context and important information
  • Participants
  • Tasks
  • Discussion, and
  • Additional actions (including downloading a PDF, viewing decision history, and creating a related decision) 

To open the sidebar, simply click the hamburger menu next to the decision question:

Learn more about the decision summary page.


Preview Decisions Before Weighing In

Decision participants can now view decisions before weighing in by simply clicking on the “Preview Decision Summary link on the decision landing page. We’ve heard from users that sometimes it is helpful to see how others weighed in and read any discussion before weighing in. This can help advance your thinking and also make brainstorming easier.  

From the landing page, users can simply click the “Continue weigh in” button to weigh in when ready.



Add Guests to Groups

If you work with partners, contractors or people outside your organization and want to share or invite them to decisions frequently, you can now add them to groups, The guests won’t have  full access to your Cloverpop account, they will only be able to view decisions shared with them directly or with the group.

To add guests to groups, simply add them from the Groups tab, the same way you add other group members.

Learn more about groups.


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