Which Flow Should I Use to Frame a Decision?

This article summarizes the differences between the guided flow options and provides tips on when to use each flow.

In Cloverpop, you can choose which steps you want participants to go through when weighing in on your decisions. After entering your decision question, you'll be invited to choose which best practices you want to include.

For lightweight decisions, you can take a quick poll, which simply asks participants to select one or more choices.

For weightier decisions, you can ask participants to consider goals, rate their confidence, compare risks and benefits, and even assess their emotional biases.

Selecting Guided Flows 

  • The 2-minute quick poll is useful when trying to quickly assess where people stand on an issue or generate ideas about a topic.
  • The 3-minute flow is great for getting quick input from your stakeholders and making sure you’re considering multiple options and the likely outcomes. Increasing the number of alternatives is the best way to improve decision effectiveness.
  • The 5-minute flow further improves framing by evaluating how choices affect goals and your confidence in your choice. This is a great way to get started with Cloverpop.
  • If the decision you’re facing is one where it’s particularly important to consider the full picture, use the 6-minute flow to identify missing information.
  • The 7-minute flow also compares the risk and benefits, which can be important for higher stakes or riskier decisions.
  • Some decisions have “heat” because they impact things that really matter to our colleagues. In those situations, use the 8-minute flow to understand the way your stakeholders are feeling about a decision and how that might be coloring their perception and buy-in.

The shorter flows will serve you well most of the time. But there are times when it’s more efficient in the long run to consider some elements of a decision in greater depth.

Customizing Flows

You can also customize the specific best practices included in participant weigh in flows. When choosing a flow, in addition to the slider, you can select or deselect specific best practices by checking (or unchecking) the boxes next to the best practices. For example, you might want to include risk and benefits of choices but not include identifying important information.



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