Product Update - August 2018


Polling, Recording, Sharing and Analyzing Decisions

We’ve added a lot of new features to Cloverpop this summer. You may have already noticed a few of them. We want to make recording, communicating, and tracking decisions as easy as possible so please check out the list below and let us know what you think!



You now have 3 options for decisions in Cloverpop: Record DecisionCreate Poll, and Start Guided Decision.

You can now Take a Quick Poll of your colleagues to get a read on where they stand or gather their ideas on a pending decision. Just click the Create Poll button on the Decisions Tab, enter the question and at least one choice, and you can invite participants to simply pick and/or add choices. Learn more about Polling here.

The Record Decision button does the same thing it did before but we’ve improved the flow to make it easier to record decisions more quickly or add more detail. Learn more about recording decisions here.

The Start Guided Decision button allows you to frame a decision and select a flow for weigh in. Learn more about Guided Decisions here.


Slack users: Do you find yourself discussing and coming to decisions in Slack. What happens to those decisions? You can now record them in Cloverpop directly from Slack so you can easily refer back the decision and track the outcome.

Just type /Cloverpop record in the message field or select the more actions option from any message (the 3 dots that appear when you hover over a message) and click Record Decision in the more actions menu. Then answer the 3 questions. Voila! Decision recorded.

Do you use Cisco WebEx Teams, Microsoft Teams or another app and want this feature? Reply to this email letting us know! Learn more about recording decisions from Slack here


There are two ways to share decisions with the people who need to know:

Share and Notify People about Decisions from Cloverpop

You can now choose to send a notification to people when you share a decision with them. Just click on the “Shared With” link on any decision summary, add names or groups to the “Shared With” field in the modal and click done. Learn more about sharing here.

Share Links to Decisions

Another easy way to share decisions is to share the link. Just click on the Shared With link on any decision summary. There you can turn on link sharing and copy the decision link. Then paste it into email, Slack, Webex Teams, or anywhere that you want to share it. Anyone who has access to your Cloverpop Account will be able to view the decision. If they don't have access, they will be able to request access. Learn more about link sharing here.




Export Lists of Decisions

You can now download your decisions in a .CSV file from the Decisions Tab. Need your decision data for internal reports? Want to do some analysis not currently available on the dashboard? Look for the Export to CSV button beneath the filters on the left.

Filtering the Dashboard Data

You can now filter the data on the dashboard by group. Want to get a view into the decision making of different groups, look for the filter on the top left of the Dashboard tab.


Have any feedback on these features or other parts of the product? Are there any features that would make a big impact for you? email us at!



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