Recording Decisions

Recording Decisions in Cloverpop

You can record decisions in Cloverpop simply by clicking the red Record Decision button on the Decisions tab or To Do tab

A window will pop up with several questions. The first 2 fields are required:

The first field asks What decisions are you facing? Enter the decision you are facing. Form it as a question (Try starting with "How should we..." or "What should we do about..." to keep a wider view).

Then enter the final decision in the What did you decide? field.


There are two optional fields as well. You can add the reason for the decision in the Why did you make this decision? field and add anyone who you want to share the decision with in the Who do you want to share with? field.

Make sure the Send a Notification toggle is on to send a notification about the decision.

To add more details to the decision, including goals, participants, and other choices considered, click Add More Detail. Otherwise, to simply record the decision, click Record Decision.  

That's it!

On the Decision Summary page, you'll be prompted to optionally rate your buy-in, or your level of commitment to support the decision:

Don't forget to share your decision with anyone who needs to know!  

Recording Decisions from Slack

You can now record decisions in Cloverpop directly from Slack. Just type /Cloverpop record in the message field and click return.

You can alternatively select the more actions menu when hovering over a message. And click Record Decision from the menu.

A record decision window will appear. Fill in the 3 fields, click record, and you're done.

After recording the decision, you'll see a confirmation message in Slack, with a link to the decision in Cloverpop. Just click that link if you want to open the decision and share it with your colleagues.


Do you use Cisco WebEx Teams, Microsoft Teams or another app and want this feature? Let us know!


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