Sharing & Communicating Decisions

Communicating decisions to the people who need to know about them is an important step in the decision-making process. There are 2 ways to communicate decisions in Cloverpop: Sending notifications and sharing links to decisions. Both are explained below and can be managed from the Shared With link on any decision.

Click on the Share With link on any decision.

The Share With window will open, where you can manage sharing:


Sharing Decisions and Sending Notifications from Cloverpop

To ensure that decisions are visible to anyone who needs to know, you can add the right individuals and or groups to the Shared With field: 

To notify these users about the decision, make sure the Send a notification toggle is on. You can  also choose to edit the message these people will receive. When you click Done, anyone whose name is in the field or who is a member of a group listed in the field will receive a notification with a link to the decision.



Sharing Decision via Links

You can also communicate the decision by sharing the link to the decision in an email, Slack, Webex Teams, Yammer or any other application. In that same Shared With modal, simply toggle the Link sharing to on and copy the link. Then paste it anywhere you want.

Anyone who clicks this link will be able to view the decision. 

Advanced Visibility Settings

There are also some advanced settings below that enable you to control what info you make visible to people who didn't participate in the decision. Click the "Show advanced settings" link to access them:



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