Managing Users

This article explains how to add, edit, or delete users  

Add or Edit Users

Cloverpop Admins can add, edit, and remove users from the Users Tab. To add users, click the blue “Add New Users” button



Enter the email address for the new user(s) and select the appropriate checkbox to give the user Decider or Admin rights. Users can also select Groups to add the user to at the same time. Due to the broad access that Cloverpop Admins have to data in the platform, we recommend limiting Admin access to a small number of people.


Admins can optionally customize an email invitation and choose to send the new user(s) an email invitation before clicking “Add Users” to add the new user(s) to the system.


Delete Users

To delete a user, click the options button to the right of the user’s name and select “Delete User”


To find a user in the system, type their name in the search field.




Deciders can add non-Users to specific decisions or groups. Guests can will be able to view any decisions that are shared with them directly or shared with the groups to which they belong.



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