Product Update - May 2018

We’ve made important product changes to make it easier for your team to include the right people in decisions.  

Group Management

Users can now manage groups themselves, without requiring an administrator. Users can create groups, add and remove users, and rename or delete groups from the new Groups tab. Any member of the group can add or remove members from the group.

Learn more about Groups

User Administration

Admins will continue to manage user accounts, roles and decider licenses. Admins can add, remove, and edit user access to your Cloverpop Org.


In case you missed it, we’ve also made some other recent changes:


Easier to Record Decisions

Recording decisions in Cloverpop is the easiest way to get started and the quickest way to get immediate value. Capturing the key information about a decision will help you easily communicate the decision, track the execution of the decision and follow up on results. So we’ve made it even easier and quicker to record decisions.


Easier to Add Tags 

It is now even easier to tag your decisions so you can categorize them. You can now add and edit Tags from the Decision List View, without having to open up the decision summary.

Learn more Tags




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