Product Update - April 2018

** Updated 4/23/18:  All users (not just Admins) can now add, edit and remove Groups, Goals, and Tags for the org.**

To enable easy communication across teams, Cloverpop has shifted to an architecture based on orgs. This includes the following:   


Decision Organizing by Tags

Tags allow flexibility for filtering, finding, and organizing decisions. Users can Tag decisions to associate them with projects, products, groups that made the decision, and/or any other company-specific organizing principles. Learn more about Tags.


Decision Sharing with Groups

Groups can be used to invite users to participate in a decision and to set visibility for decisions - i.e. when creating a decision, a user can choose to invite individuals and/or specific groups to weigh in on their decision. Users can also choose to make the decision visible to specific Groups, individuals or the whole org. When a new user is added to an existing Group, the user will be able to view all prior decisions to which the Group has access. Learn more about Groups.


Cloverpop Admin Access

Cloverpop Admin access is now at the org level instead of at the team level. Admins can add, edit, and remove users from the org. Admins can also give other users admin access. Note, Admins do not have access to private decisions. Private decisions are only viewable by the decision owner and participants. Learn more about User Admin.

All users can add, edit and remove Groups, Goals, and Tags for the org.


Goal Sets shared across the Org

To make it easier to select relevant goals when making or recording decisions, users can create multiple Goals Sets that are shared across the entire Org. Users can customize and create Goal Sets for teams, departments, projects or initiatives. Learn more about managing Goal Sets and adding goals to decisions.


Dashboard (previously Gauges)

On the Dashboard tab, the charts displaying data about org goals, active users, participation and inclusion. The data displayed on this chart is for decisions that are visible to the entire org.



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