Groups Overview 

Groups can be used to invite users to participate in a decision and to set visibility for decisions. When creating a decision, a user can choose to invite individuals and/or specific groups to weigh in on their decision. Users can also choose to make the decision visible to specific Groups, individuals or the whole org. When a new user is added to an existing Group, the user will be able to view all prior decisions to which the Group has access. 

Creating, Editing, and Deleting Groups

Users can create Groups by navigating to the Groups Tab. The list of existing Groups is on the left. Click the “+” button next to “Groups” to add a group.

Then enter the desired name of the group and add members in the pop-up window:


To delete a Group, select the group name on the left and click the red delete button.



Adding Users to Groups

Any member of a group can add or remove members from that group. To add a user to a group, navigate to the Groups Tab and select the group name on the left. Then  click the "+" next to "Group Members" and add the users' emails.

Guests as well as existing org members can be added to groups. If you add a guest to a group, that guest will be able to see all decisions shared with the group.

To remove the user from a group, click the "-" next to their name.


Inviting Groups to Weigh In on Decisions

Invite groups or individuals to weigh in on a decision by selecting the “Invite” button or “Invite More” button on the Decision Summary screen.



Then select a due date, enter the names of the groups or individuals to invite, and add any context for participants:


After selecting a group name, it will replace itself with the names of all of its members in the participants field. Users can choose to add more or delete some by clicking the ‘x” by the name to delete.



When done, click “Send invitation” to invite participants to weigh in. 

Making Decisions Visible to Groups

Users can set the visibility for their decision on the decision summary, by clicking the edit button by the  "Shared With:" property.


Enter the names of any groups and / or individuals to enable them to view the decision. Entering “All” will make the decision visible to everyone in the organization.

By switching on the "send a notification" toggle, you can also notify groups and individuals about the decision.




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