Tags Overview

Tags allow flexibility for filtering, finding, and organizing decisions. Users can Tag decisions to associate them with projects, products, groups that made the decision, and/or any other organizing principles that make sense in their company.

For example: this decision is tagged as “strategy” and “marketing”:


Creating Tags

Any user can can create, edit, and delete tags by selecting the Tags tab.


Then type the desired name of the tag in the field that says “Enter a tab to add” and tap the “+” button next to the field. Now any user can add that tag to any decision and use that tag to filter lists of decisions.


To delete tags, simply tap the ‘x” next to the Tag. That Tag will be deleted from the Tag list and from all decisions where it has been used.


Tagging Decisions

Users can also create Tags by simply adding them to a decision. Any user may add Tags to any decision. Users may add Tags to a decision from the decision record or from the Decision tile in the Decision list. On the decision record, click the caret to the left of the Decision Question to open the context bar.


Then tap the “add tag” button, if the decision has no tags, or the edit button to the right of any existing tags. Add the desired tags in the field and tap “done”


Users may select any default tags from the drop down or add their own tags by typing the name of the desired tag in the tag field and selecting “done”. Note, adding a tag to a decision, does not create a default tag for the Org.


Users can also add tags to decisions directly from decision tiles on Decision List view by clicking the "Add Tags" button.


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