Framing your first decision in Cloverpop

Welcome! Here are some tips on how to frame your first decision in Cloverpop. You will need to invest 10 to 20 minutes and invite stakeholders to weigh in using the Decision Flow™. It requires a little upfront work from you. However, that work will save you 10 to 20 hours of meeting time and speed up decisions 2X by reducing bias and eliminating the need for many meetings.

If you’re ready, here's what to do next:

  1. Create your first business decision using the Cloverpop decision flow. For example, think about a current project you are working on or challenge you are facing and start your decision by asking the question: “How should we approach _____?”, then fill in the blank with your project name or a description of the challenge and click Start.
    Important: Do not use our platform for "test" or "fake" decisions - it won’t help you understand how it works, and will just waste your time.
  2. Once you have finished framing the decision, Invite two or more participants to weigh in on your decision <b>before</b> your next scheduled meeting.
  3. Talk about the Cloverpop results during that meeting - focus on the priorities, top choices and any missing information. Usually, the choice is clear, the discussion short, and the results better than expected.
  4. After the meeting, record the decision in Cloverpop and Invite participants to rate their Buy-In.
  5. Now that you know a little about how Cloverpop works, set up 2 to 3 specific and measurable Team Goals. Just go to Team Preferences in the top right drop down menu beneath your name.
  6. Schedule time in your calendar once a week for the next month to use Cloverpop to drive your decision-making process. It takes about 3-5 decisions for the habit to form. When it does, you’ll notice during meetings when the conversation starts wasting time, and you’ll tell your team to stop and just do a decision in Cloverpop instead!



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