How can I use tasks when making and executing decisions? 

Execute better and faster by assigning the right tasks to the right team members, optimizing the work and your results. 

Assigning tasks is an integral part of decision making and execution. Use tasks to clearly define "who" needs to do "what "by "when". For example, you might assign a task to a team member to do some additional research before you decide. Or, you might assign a task to someone who needs to perform a related to the executing the decision. 


Creating and Assigning Tasks 

To create a task navigate to the task section of a decision, click "Add Task". Enter a brief description of the task, the name of the person responsible for the task and the due date. 

When a task has been assigned, the assignee will receive a notification with the description of the task and due date. The day the task is due, the assignee will receive a notification reminder that the task is due. Incomplete task reminders are also included in the Cloverpop weekly email.

Marking a Task Complete

To mark a task complete, click on the checkbox next to the task. Any decision participant can mark a task as complete. 

When a task has been marked complete, the decider and person who assigned the task receive a notification. 


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